Why Headers for Hope?

So, I’ve been asked what compelled me to begin this new organization called Headers for Hope. What’s different about Headers than any other organization raising funds for cancer?

More than two years ago, I was moved by the generosity of several friends in the soccer community that joined together and raised more than $3000 in 48 hours to help one of our friends. Charlotte Moran, long time Region I ODP Administrator and advocate of the women’s game at all levels, had been diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. So, instead of raising money for research, “we” raised money for Charlotte…for a person battling cancer…for a person needing comfort and support…for a person we loved.  You see, our funds went directly to helping our friend. I commend and support every organization leading the charge to find a cure, but we were committed to making Charlotte’s remaining time on this earth as comforting as possible. It was a time when we told her that we loved her, we cared about her and we were here to help. We knew that we couldn’t make the cancer go away, we couldn’t make it all better, but we could help make her feel safer. The funds were given to a wellness center that our friend frequented during her last 6 months of life.   

Since Charlotte’s passing more than two years ago, a cure has not been found; people are still struggling with the pain of cancer and the crippling effects of chemo. And, so, for me, it was time to empower and share with others. Hence, Headers for Hope was born.  

If you or your organization would like to host a Headers for Hope event, please contact me at louise.waxler@headersforhope.org.


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